Contoh Tugas Cerit Bahasa Inggris Short Story [Story Telling]

Ilutr. from Caterpilar

In an era of technology, there was a grandfather and grandmother named ki Hary and ni Neli, they live in a village that has a fast internet network.
But in the village were just ki harry which has a modem to access the 4G LTE network, the neighbors always borrow a modem belonging Ki harry to access the internet, one of which is a Mr. Razin who will edit the HTML script to his blog every week he visited the house ki harry, and to borrow the modem ki hary not ask for reward but borrowers like Mr. Razin bring some food to Ki harry and ni  nely in return a modem.
On a sunny morning mr.  Razin going to ki harry home to borrow a modem with a box of cake, but  mr. Razin was surprised  to see ni nely tears and he asked
Mr. Razin: "ni Nely , why are you crying like that?"
Ni nely: "ki harry already three days had not back to home, he said goodbye to bring water in springs north of the village"
Mr. Razin: "have you find looking for? "
Ni nely: " I've been looking for him everywhere "
Mr. Razin: " I'll meet with villagers to help find ki harry."
Then mr.  Razin meet villagers to seek ki harry, meanwhile ni nely could only cry and waiting information  from mr.  Razin.
Villagers along with mr.  Razin kept looking up into water spring ki harry visit, but still nothing.
search Ki hary already spent 4 days, but it did not work out, and people began to give up, ki ni harry told nely in order to allow the departure of her husband.
The next day, Mr. Razin suddenly remembered that ki harry wearing GPS tracker, and mr.  Razin rushed towards the house ni nely.
Mr. Razin: "ni nely, whether ki harry going to wear the necklace you gave first?"
Ni nely: "Yes, he always wear that necklace and she would never release"
Mr. Razin: "do you still remember that the necklace is a GPS tracker? "
Ni Nely: "Yes, I realize that it is a GPS tracker, waiting let's track"
Soon of the mr.  Razin track the whereabouts of the necklace ki harry made using google maps and coordinates of the necklace is around the spring, and then mr.  Razin and residents go to location, and it happened ki harry is in place, but not unexpected ki hary dead, instantly ni nely heard the news she was crying uncontrollably, and then burying  but no one knows the cause of death was ki harry.
When the funeral is over suddenly heard the sound of thunder and the sound of ki Hary and said "I'm fine here, and if you want to borrow a my hight speed modem, just come to the spring and provide offerings of data quota of 5 GB and after borrow it back again to the spring "
Everyone who comes in the cemetery ki harry amazed and mr.  Razin was reminded of his blog html script that speckle finished he was doing. And he headed to the spring and give the voucher offerings quota of 5 GB of data, and it's super fast modem instantly appear in front of the mr.  Razin.
Then mr.  Razin came home carrying ki hary modem and complete the HTML script blog.

After the incident the local people who need a modem that always leads to spring and give offerings, residents of remote villages and even then live with prosperous since using the 4G LTE connection.

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